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Ultimate Gyro specializes in handheld exercise gyroscopes. Golfers, tennis players, and baseball players use it to strenthen their hands, wrists, forarms, and shoulders. Ultimate Gyro is an excellent aid for grip strength. It's use is also very effective in the treatment of carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and arthritis.

Our gyros build strength and coordination in the key muscles groups used to swing a golf club, baseball bat, or any kind of racquet or paddle. With just 10 minutes of your day, golfers will see dramatic increase in distance, tennis players will have more powerful serves and returns and baseball players will increase both their bat speed and their throwing power. Musicians have seen benefits as well. Whether you play the guitar, drms or keyboard, your endurance and control will also improve with the use of our gyros.

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With all the use occupations prevalent in the workplace today, carpal tunnel, tendonitis and repetitive stress injury are common problems. Fortunately 10 minutes a day with our gyros can alleviate the pain and discomfort of these ailments. After extended use many patients have seen symtoms disappear completely. And guess what? All our products cost less than the average doctor's visit. With each purchase we include recomended workout plans. One workout plan is geared towards sports and musician performance and the other plan is designed for those recovering from injury or ailments.